Sunday, May 11, 2008

The weekend in review

Whew. I am finally sitting down on the couch after a hectic, but great weekend.
On Friday, the Tall Guy and I met some friends for dinner and then strolled (alright, for DC-ers, we hiked from Woodley Park to the Cathedral and then up to the AU metro stop) to the Cathedral to check out the light display that was being superimposed on the front. I have the info somewhere and its evading me, but here are some pics. (sorry if they're a bit blurry, it was hard to get a good shot with trees, people, lighting etc)
On Saturday morning, we got up early, dropped Annie off at the PetHotel and drove up to Gettysburg. I had decided we needed to celebrate our last "dating" anniversary before we get hitched. What a romantic place to celebrate... the site of the bloodiest battle ever fought on US Soil, right? That said, the weather held out, we learned a ton (we're both history nerds), drove the battlefield, had good food, and...
I even made it into a Yarn shop! Misty Mountain Fiber is in downtown Gettysburg. What a cute little store. The owner (her name is evading me) was so nice...I picked up a bag of locally produced (local sheep, hand spun, hand dyed) dk weight yarn that should be enough for me to make a stripe-y sweater. I could have come home with a wheel, but not yet. One day...

Today we made our way back to DC, with a stop off in Frederick, MD. It has such a nice little historic downtown! We'll be going back one day on a Saturday, since a lot of places seemed to be closed on Sundays. When we picked Annie up from the boarder, she was thrilled to see us, though once in the car, I felt like she was glaring at me rather indignantly from the backseat. She's been asleep all night, so I'm pretty sure she didn't sleep a wink the entire time we were gone.

Finally, a work in progress! I started this sock on the way out of town, and the Tall Guy was gracious enough to drive the whole weekend, so I didn't get too far, but a good start. So far, so good. I talked about the pattern etc. for this here. The color is pretty on-spot, though I know it looks dark, it was the best way for me to get a clear shot of the stitch pattern. Its pouring here in DC, I'm so not excited about going to work tomorrow!


  1. My parents actually honeymooned in Gettysburg...

    Frederick has a couple cute yarn stores...we should head out there one of these days!

  2. Did you go up in the tower? Last (and I think only time) I was there it was a cold, foggy day, completely creepy. I loved it.

    P.S. Porter says hi.