Friday, May 30, 2008

annoyed before coffee

Dear Vatican,
Do you really think its a good idea to push away people who want to be leaders in your church based on the fact they are female? C'mon now, you're facing an all time low in membership!
I'm simply pointing out, that decrees such as this are a huge part of why the Tall Guy and I won't be married by a Catholic Priest, but instead by a Christian Pastor with a more up-to-date view on the world with God in it.
It's time to evolve, Vatican. Good luck.


  1. indeed!

    I was sort of saddened by the church again when at our godson's baptism, all the duties were for the godfather. why was I even there??!

    we got married by a unitarian ex-catholic dude, who ended up being a little odd, not related to religion at all.