Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baseball and Springtime

Currently, I'm writing from the back porch. For these few weeks every year, every person in DC takes full advantage of it being warm enough to wear flip flops with jeans. Soon enough, my hair will be in a ponytail and I'll avoid the outdoors as it becomes too sticky to do anything but move from one air conditioned venue to another. Being from New Hampshire, central air (you mean something besides a box fan?) was an interesting concept to me. Now, I couldn't live without it!
For these short weeks, though I'll love my backyard.

Last night, about 60 of my co workers and I headed to the new stadium to see the Nats take on the Braves. The new ballpark is, in my opinion, totally DC.
Its a great park, clear lines/great views, interesting food options, but it was "eh". "Eh in that way that nothing really that interesting about the park expect for this view from our nosebleed seats. (We were in the highest of high)
I think my "eh" about it has to do with my experience at other parks, like Camden and Fenway that are just so gritty, that the newness for this one just was a little too shiny. That, and the hot dog I had totally made me ill. Perhaps next time I'll try one of the fancy food vendors like Ben's Chili Bowl or Red, Hot and Blue, because after last night, I'm not sure I can ever eat another Hebrew National without wanting to vomit.

Incidentally, I got zero knitting done at the game. I was too busy socializing to pull out my sock. Also, I'm happy to report that Jessie thought I was a-okay too. Yay for making friends via the internet!


  1. I would recommend the Half-Smoke, a more substantial sausage-type thing, apparently native, more or less, to DC.

    (As much as I like Hebrew National in general, the ones I've had at the stadium don't seem that good.)

  2. Was it windy up where you sat? When we went last weekend we were up at the top, but directly across the park from where it looked like you were. We were almost blown away! We thought that it was a bit cold for April, but would be great come August when it's gross outside.

  3. Hey -- I was there Wednesday night, too! With my (new) work people, too!

    Did you stick it out til the end?

  4. Didn't I warn you about the hot dogs there? Well, I guess i warned you about the "Nat's Dog", not so much the Hebrew National.

    Next time, I'll opt for the fancier and presumably fresher Noah's Pretzel, instead of the quintessential salted pretzel that's been hanging on a metal rack in a hot box for god-only-knows how long