Tuesday, May 13, 2008

what's a sock blocker you say?

Okay, so I've figured out that my readers tend to be a 50/50 split of muggles and knitters (from what I can tell, of course, there are plenty of lurkers out there...) So, I keep talking to anyone who will listen about getting sock blockers at Sheep and Wool and subsequently getting weird looks. So, they're thin wood (sometimes plastic) in the shape of an ideal sock that after you wash your newly knitted sock, you put it on the blocker to dry. Really, I think I'll continue to use my drip dry on the hanging rack method, but this sure looks cute, now doesn't it?
Details on the socks?
Needle: Size 1 Magic Loop
Yarn: Storm Moon Knits Sock in Pretty in Pink
Pattern: Carolina Queen of Naples, minus the purl round. I don't think this is available anywhere but on Ravelry.
Overall, a solid pattern. I started and stopped it a few times, but I have a tendency to do that, so that's no different then normal for me. And yes, they really ARE that bright!


  1. Those are some fun looking socks!

  2. Isn't Storm Moon yarn awesome?? I want a ton of it just because of the name!