Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I made it back from San Francisco in one piece after a fantastic weekend. Seriously, I love that city. It's not only because its where my bestest friend (aka hetero life partner or hlp for short) has lived the past four years or so, but for its food, fun, yarn shops and irreverent attitude. SO different from DC.
I'm tired and still a bit grouchy from flying and going to work the past two days (work. the nerve!) so, nothing too long tonight, just a few thoughts and only a couple of pics.
This is Clifton. My hlp lives with him. Basically, he's the feline version of Annie, as far as I can tell. I love cats with dog attitudes.
Imagiknit and ArtFibers are fantastic. If you're ever in SF and like fiber GO!!!!! My hlp was happy to navigate the way to these stores and my wallet came home a bit lighter.
I went to a Red Sox/Oakland A's game on Sunday and while the Sox did lose (tear), the weather was perfect, we had amazing seats (see!) and it was just a really nice afternoon.
I started the Juno Regina while traveling and its coming along slowly but surely. I think I'll wait a bit before posting pics of it and I knit most of one sock from Yarn Love's Elizabeth Bennett doing a basic sock (= brainless) with a short row heel which I'm getting better at with the help of my new book from Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. It's a bare bones sort of hand drawn book that kicks ass in showing some great techniques.
Okay, signing off for the night. I promise to actually show some knitting or yarn content soon, just not tonight.

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