Monday, June 16, 2008

a psa and other ramblings

The past few months have seen an increase in coverage about the Nalgene bottle = cancer issue.
I've read a ton about it and made a decision to move away from my beloved Nalgene bottles for the eco- friendly Sigg recently. The cynical part of me is quite certain that in a few years, someone else will come up with a study that sends us scurrying back to plastic and away from aluminum. That said, I also figure that I'm not the best statistic when it comes to cancer (close close family proximity on both sides) so, I'll spend part of my George Bush money check on a new water bottle or two.
That's my new baby (photo). You have to admit the design and prints are way more visually pleasing then a Nalgene as well!
and I hope to pick up another one soon at REI or Moosejaw when we're in Detroit this weekend.
Also, a shout out to EmilyinFrance who posted about this earlier this spring. I'm quite sad that the Hello Kitty Sigg is quite out of stock last I checked...
In other unrelated to knitting news, I just got a text from my step-mom that our wedding invitations went out in the mail today. Guess there's no going back now! (Just kidding Tall Guy!)
As I mentioned, we head to Detroit this weekend for a Tall Guy's family visit, a little soiree' in our honor and world's cutest niece is going to be christened. All in all, it will be an adventure, with car knitting aplenty.

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  1. FWIW, there's been a lot of research regarding the aluminum and alzheimer's disease link. A lot of it has to do with aluminum pans when cooking, and there's a lot more aluminum in your average multivitamin than would leach into your food when cooking with an aluminum pan. I'll be looking forward to see if 5-10 years from now there's a huge backlash for that.

    That said, I love the designs on the sigg, but I wonder - is the mouthpiece metal too? Because I'm clumsy and would totally knock out my front teeth trying to take a drink.