Thursday, June 12, 2008

keepin it real

It's been a totally chaotic and crazy few days and when I have actually had a few minutes, I've been totally uninspired, thus the lack of posting. Every day I've been running and every night I've had something going on. (Yay for hanging out again, internet friend Jessie!) Most nights this week have ended with my passed out on the bed, not in my jammie's with with the dog harassing me, only to wake up totally disoriented when the Tall Guy called to say goodnight from his work travel in Houston.
So, sorry. I'm done bitching and moving on to knitting!
Last weekend was not that nuts, and I spent most of it either on the back porch with a friend who's staying with us or parked on the couch in the nice cool a/c. I finally finished this scarf and it went to Yve who came done on Saturday...

So much more her then me...
Yarn: Socks that Rock Silkie in Rocktober
Needles: Size 5 Crystal Palace Straights
Pattern: Domesticrafts version of the Chevron
Comments: This is the third time I've used this pattern. I love it.

And, the Juno Regina is progressing. I'm just about done with the last chart before the straight section. There are definitely mistakes and at this point, I just don't care. Most people won't be able to see some of my creatively shaped diamonds and that's a-okay with me.

The colors are fairly true here, but as always, the sheen of silk is just not done justice by photos.
This weekend starts the true chaos of the summer, with two of my old Mayorga crew getting hitched (the only two I actually still talk to... dark days those were..). From there we start traveling, which means lots of car knitting! Yay!!!!

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