Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Greetings from Denver

hello from Denver! Apparently, its the mile high city, but it looks awfully flat to me and the mountains everyone keeps talking about have been ensconced in a weird fog/haze since I got here yesterday.
It seems like an okay place, however, but I am looking forward to a routine and my own bed again. Its been a rather hectic month or so.
After working today, we took an adventure over to the Cherry Creek area of Denver.
My knitting radar was on (or I checked google map before we went) and I found "Coppelia's & The Shivering Sheep" At this point their website is not fully functional, but will be soon. The woman who owned the store was great, and I'm forgetting her name. Either way, she was fun to talk to, examined my WIP I had with me (Jaywalkers, Lime and Violet yarn) and then had me write out the website that she could get the pattern from ( and then also where she could get the yarn I was knitting with ( It was pretty awesome, though when I used the word "Podcast", I realized our moment of bonding was short lived.
I left with more then I planned, but alas it was "vacation" yarn, further justified by the fact I'm on per diem at the moment.
The first hank was this crazy stuff from the Ozarks. Its really "rough" in terms of how it is produced. You can't buy yarn at Michaels that looks like this and the nice yarn shop owner told me that it was a trunk show, had just gotten there the day before and wouldn't be there for long. I was sold. What will I knit? no clue, but its pretty to look at.

And then, the kicker... a basket of tiny toes... and then , these two cakes already wound...and then the nice knitting store owner telling me all about.. Judy and how its a local dyer (Colorado Springs) and then telling me she would take a few bucks off of each cake since she had wound it for a class. Fine. Twist my arm. More sock yarn. Oops. I don't even know what colorway this is. No clue.
That's it for the moment. I have lots more to share, but frankly, I'm tired and know that I've been a bad blogger, but if you're at all clued into my "real" life you would understand.
In the meantime two more things in relation to some comments.
a) Sorry K. Frank, I could live in DC until I'm 85, I'll never be a skins fan. I am, a Pats girl and always will be.
b) alas, I am still awaiting my Ravelry (see last post) invite. According to the podcast world, the girl who started it has quit her job to do it full time. I wait with baited breath.

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