Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Packed again

And ready to go.
I never fully unpacked my suitcase if you want to know the truth.
My lizard is starting to think I don't live here anymore and is starting to enjoy not having a house-mate. Nice try, Sid.
Tomorrow afternoon I leave for Boston and NH. I'll be up there visiting some of my best friends and then going to little step-sister's high school graduation. It should be a whirl wind of a weekend and I'm sort of bracing in anticipation at this point.
Tonight, I have no picture for you, as my camera is in a bag packed to go and I don't feel like getting it out. I'm sorry. The Jaywalkers are making progress, but I still haven't turned the heel.
I've also cast on a secret project for a reader, so it will only be revealed after the recipient gets it.
And, I'm making the pattern up as I go, so this should be interesting.
I'm apt not post while I'm away, though you never know. Until then, have a great week/weekend!

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