Monday, June 11, 2007

back...for a few days at least

I'm tired.
I'm traveling a lot
and more to come. A lot more to come.
But, its summer, this is what happens, right?
Before I forget, I just went to look at a pattern on Knitty and discovered the summer issue is up!!! Yay!!!
This weekend I was in NH for my sister's graduation from HS. Isn't she cute? She's going to UNH in the fall to study Marine Biology and she's pretty awesome.Traveling and not being the one driving (its been like Planes, Trains, Buses, shuttles and only sometimes automobiles lately) means good knitting time.
The jaywalkers are making progress. All reviews are correct. This pattern knits up super tight and snug. It fits me, but for anyone else, I'll def. have to knit the whole sock on size 2 or 3 dpns. I switched needles as I turned the heel, from 1's to 2's, but i don't think you can really tell.
And... I finished the super secret present in record time. Mkick had whipped up a circular needle holder per my request (or plea) and I thought it prudent to plan ahead and create something for her in exchange. One can never have too many bags and when she was given it yesterday, she spent a great deal of time thinking about what she'll put in it.
Pre felted and
Post Felted:


  1. Yay! I love the bag! I still haven't decided what I want to do with it. I really wanted to knit on the train this evening while listening to the Fresh Air pod cast and I think the bag might be a perfect train companion (book holder, knitting project holder, I-pod holder)...ohh the possibilities.

  2. I know nothing of knitting (as you may recall from my very brief knitting stint where I asked you to undo and redo my last few stitches about every 10 minutes)... but that felting thing is really awesome. I had no idea what you were talking about until that picture. God, I wish I could knit! But alas, I know my limits.