Friday, June 15, 2007

A few points of note

hello hello!
This week I've had a few funny things happen in HR world that made me want to write them down. I wish I had. As I search my brain for what I was going to say, take a moment (even you non knitters) and read the Yarn Harlot's entry today. I was just laughing so hard, I had to hold my side.
Oh yes!
First. I love a good perfume or cologne. Long after a person has exited my memory, a whiff of their perfume will bring me right back to them. Chanel 5 will always be my Mom, while oddly enough Chanel Allure brings me right back to mid-college when I wore it. Anyway, what never fails to confuse me are the people that wear SO much of a scent that I can smell them before they even round the corner into my office. Yesterday, the peak of this was reached when I walked onto an elevator only to know that while I didn't see him or hear him anywhere, I could tell you who had been on this lift within the last 5 minutes. How do you tell someone you don't actually know more then to take a piece of paper from or hand a piece of paper to that you can recognize where they've been by their insane overuse of their cologne of choice? I can only imagine that he must own the body wash, deodorant, cologne and perhaps room freshener.

One more comment as your friendly HR girl. I know job postings can be scary. I know its my job to help you. I love helping. But, for the love of pete, please read what it says in the vacancy before you call me! I end up feeling bad saying to a person "Sure, you apply by sending your information to the address in the "How to Apply" section (typically people have the vacancy up on their computer when they call me, that's how they get my number). Most people don't hear the sarcasm in my voice when they follow with "Can I email it"? and I say "Sure, see where it says Email applications to:"?

And, no picture today, but for tomorrow... A FINISHED Jaywalker!!!!

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  1. Allure reminds me of college too - a good friend of mine wore it. I told her I loved it, but the scent was "too grown up" for me in college...I bought myself a bottle as a graduation present. Even though it's been 5 years (yikes!), I still like to wear it.

    And PS - how about when your office still smells like someone 10 minutes after they leave. WOW - how do they not give themselves a headache!?!?