Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sometimes I get distracted

I think the main downfall of knitting as a hobby is that I can't multi-task it with some of my other favorite hobbies. You can't knit and do yoga at the same time. You can't easily read and knit. (I know some knitters do, I just can't seem to manage it...) And you can't read and do yoga... you get the idea. This means that sometimes my knitting languishes for a few days while I get sucked into a book. In the past...hmm. I would say 36 hours I just read a book cover to cover that I was totally sucked into. Water for Elephants was great and I stayed up way past my bedtime reading it.
Good stuff.
Hopefully the jaywalkers will get some more attention paid to them.
Pray for sun tomorrow, my yoga studio is having its 3 year anniversary party complete with an outdoor yoga class (!) and a bbq which I'm baking macaroons for and prepping bbq tofu. Yay for summer!!!!

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