Saturday, December 1, 2007

Week- end re-cap...

This is going to be a little all over the place...

I spent the better part of the day yesterday reviewing applications. Let me tell you. Its not glamorous. That said, I was reading one and at the end of the cover letter, in the closing it says: "God Bless You". I'm having trouble verbalizing why this is so bothersome to me, but it is.

I'm a little nervous. I'm 90% through the Harlots hat in baby alpaca and seem to get a headache everytime I knit more then 10 minutes. Am I allergic? Oh lord. I hope not!!!!

What's important to you in the Nation's next president? The Tall Guy and I have had a number of heated debates on who the next leader of the US will be and/or why??? I'm not sure, but I'm curious what people are thinking right now.

This morning we're heading up to Baltimore for a craft fair! I love a good craft fair and this one is 'spose to be like Crafty Bastards...tonight is dinner with some of my DC girls...I'm really happy about that, since we never seem to see each other at the same time...

Knitting this weekend? Well. I'm trying to finish that hat. I'll take a photo when its done. If I do appear allergic, it will go to my sis. I'm also working on the Tall Guy's Mom's gift (the blue mohair from the other day). She's a knitter, so I think it will be good.

I have 30% of the Monkey Socks to finish. Problem is, I broke another needle this week, so while I can finish the sock with 4 needles, it would be easier to do it with 5.
I'm hoping tomorrow will be the day for the sweater. One of friends is coming over for a knitting lesson, so I'm hoping that will be a good time to wrap the sweater....

If you can't tell, I'm a bit of a knitting schizophrenic (brooklyn tweed quote ) right now. There's just so much I want/need to finish but, am sort of spinning my wheels on what needs to happen when, with holiday timing, when I'll be seeing people etc.

Whew. Pictures soon. Wish me luck!

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