Monday, December 3, 2007

A political diversion

Okay... so most of the time I do my best to not wax poetics about politics. Its not my thing in this venue. But, when I read things that just get me all worked up, its hard not to say something.
This weekend, I was getting a ride home from NoVA from a friend and we cut across on 14th st. I looked right as we went between the Capital and Washington Monument and saw all these teeny tiny white flags. Thousands of them. And we all wondered what they were.
Come to find out each flag represented a member of the armed service who no, wasn't killed in action but who was discharged under the "Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy". Here's the article from DCist.

I suppose this is all a part of my political tendencies in general, but how is this a good idea? Bill, you were a great President in so many ways, but this was a mess. As I was thinking about this I realized I'm not even sure I can calm myself enough to speak coherently on the issue, except to say that if someone wants to serve for our Country, how does it make sense that they are not allowed based on sexual preference???? I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that disagree with my own rationale, but I'm nearly sure that plenty of them are the are same people that think every person of the same sex as them, who happens to be homosexual must obviously find them attractive and will hit on them. How vain.

So, back to knitting......
  • I knit this weekend.
  • I bought yarn from woolarina at the craft fair in Baltimore
  • And I finished a little project for my little sister.
  • Now I'm back to my step-mom's Monkey socks, as the people at Lantern Moon sent me a replacement needle (yay!)
  • The US distributor for Colinette sent me my replacement yarn (double yay!)

Photos after Christmas people!

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