Thursday, December 27, 2007

A little bragging, a little breathing

I can't believe I've been here a week. While its always nice to return home to DC, I'm really not ready for this trip to be over! I've been busy, for sure, but in a way that also means a regular wake up time of 9am and cable TV and visiting with people I never see and Annie. Well. Annie is being spoiled rotten with attention, new toys and love. The dog is not going to be happy about returning to my apartment in a city area after being here for a week. Oh well.

So, before I start revealing all the stuff I knit over the holidays, I need to take a moment to do a little bragging. I taught my sister to knit a few years ago and she does knit. Not in the obsessive way I do, but she knits. So, this Christmas, I told her to knit me something, which apparently totally stressed her out, being that she was knitting for the person that taught her. I, on the other hand love when other people knit for me, so I assured her a plain old anything was fine. I got a card on Christmas morning telling me there were technical difficulties but, the gift was on its way to me soon....yesterday, she presented me with my gift. I was floored! Sister knit me Odessa with the beading! and it fits perfectly! And the yarn is so tasty. Its soft and smooshy and warm on my head. Yay!
Check it out!
So, tomorrow, Annie and I pack up and hit the road back to DC. Anyone want to drive me so I can work on this sock I just started? Grandpa got me a bunch of Socks that Rock for Christmas and I'm trying out the Magic Loop way of knitting socks...

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