Saturday, December 22, 2007


Annie and I are in NH until next Friday or so. We drove up on Thursday and had an amazingly easy drive considering the storm we were just behind it seemed for half of the ride. Its also a fact that the pup is really good in the car. I knew she was okay around town, but until I popped her in the backseat for the 450+ mile drive to my family (a drive, I should mention that I can do in my sleep, name exits for at will and have three different ways to go depending on time of day and weather, all sans map) I had no idea if she realllly was a car dog. She is. She watched out the window and then slept the better part of the way, occasionally peeking into the front seat to see if I would give her a treat.
So. Now, I'm in NH, chilling. Sleeping. Going on walks with Annie as she explores snow banks (eats dirty snow....) and just generally hanging out. Its fantastic.

I've bought some yarn. Finished a gift today (its drying now). Worked on another gift and am not stressing anymore about knitting. I'll post the gifts when they're all given.

Yay for New England!

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