Thursday, December 6, 2007

alpacas and friends

I don't think I'm one to brag excessively, except when it comes to one thing. That "thing" is how fortunate I am to have amazing friends. Friends who are there for everything, yet understand when you are just too tired to chat. Who you see more then once a year even when they live thousands of miles away, but when you don't see the ones that live close, you both know its okay, and you still love each other...
Anyway, before I get too mushy. I went to a college alum thing on Monday and some of my peeps came down from Baltimore. Yve, one of "MY girls" made it down with her boyfriend and had a present for me! See, Yve's BF...his Mom...owns an alpaca farm in Rural Vermont! I've known this for awhile but, hadn't requested yarn, as I didn't want to seem too pushy. Well, they were up in New England visiting this fall and brought me back two hanks of two-ply chocolate brown! Yay! I'm so excited...
Another cool thing? It appears the yarn is a direct match (in terms of weight) and a great contrast to what I procured on our grand fall adventure! Double yay.

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