Saturday, August 16, 2008

choices choices

Today was a crazy day. In a good way, of course but, still hectic.
I'm not going to give a run down, because it will make me more tired to talk about. There was lots of car time today, but I never pulled out my sock in progress. Chances are, I was just thinking too much and the Tall Guy and I were were talking too much for me to ever pull out knitting to work on.
Oh well.
Car shopping was mixed in with a wedding dress handoff/dinner with family and a going-away party for friends. We still don't know if this car situation will end up with my keeping Randy (that's my car) for another bit of time with a chunk of money invested OR if we'll go for new wheels. The top contenders for the day were the VW Jetta Wolfsburg edition (meaning tricked out!) and... well.. regardless of whether we end up with it or not.. I am completely in love with this car: This isn't the exact one, but it looks pretty close to what we drove. Mini, I liked you before today, having been in one before, but now. I think it may be lust. Spunky, fun to drive, turns on a dime, I love it.


  1. That is a cute car, looks almost like mini cooper. I can't believe your car is about to bite it. My lord, did you actually have Sally longer than your current car?

  2. Unless that is a mini cooper in that picture and I am reaching the end of my wakeful period. You already know my challenged nature when it comes to cars. I am thankful I can identify the one drive occasionally.

  3. Hehe. Yes, it is indeed a Mini Cooper, silly. Get some sleep! :P

  4. K. has a Mini. We love love love it. (You should see him fold himself into it!) I can't drive it, though, since I still haven't mastered the manual transmission.
    The VW would be fun, too......