Friday, August 15, 2008


Here's where I say, yes I've been trying to remain cool, calm and collected, but I'm sort of hitting my wall. So, I admit defeat. If you look at me funny I may cry. Or laugh, its hard to say today.
What I can tell you is that now, in the midst of work being crazy, wedding planning in its final stages (t-minus 15 days), my car is now toast. Well, not reallllly toast, but tired. In that way that it's already has so many issues, it's silly to get it fixed (which is another saga of 4+years ago).

So, tomorrow, in addition to a Going Away Party for friends moving to Italy, picking up stuff from the alterations place, getting my wedding dress and two other dresses to my Aunt and Uncle's house an hour away (dog + wedding dress, not really working in the same back seat next week), we will also be doing some car shopping. Seriously. So, in other comments that aren't my complaining about life, here are a few thoughts that I've had the past week and haven't had time to share...
  • John Edwards: You suck. I always thought you did, now maybe more people will agree with me. Clearly not loving the person you're having an affair with AND having your wife in remission makes it all okay. Way to be a leader.
  • Michael Phelps: Keep up the good work, even if your ears make me giggle a little.
  • John McCain: When npr reports on its morning news that your handler's aren't letting you do too many more Town Hall style meetings because they can't "control" what you may say, its time for the US to question the bigger picture. Do we want a leader that needs handler's to keep them from saying stupid s#%t? I'm just curious.
  • And finally. The Ohio State Fair kicks some serious butt. We had just about every kind of food deep fried that you could. The best? The deep-fried snickers bar. Sure, I'm two weeks away from fitting into a wedding dress, but who can resist???


  1. Good luck with the car shopping (and everything else)!! You're gonna be OK. :-)

  2. I just want to make sure I remember to tell you before it is too late...

    Have a wonderful, beautiful, full of love and laughter wedding day!