Sunday, August 3, 2008

and the choirs of angels sing!

Okay. Maybe that's a bit over-the-top. But, seriously, I have a thing about sunglasses. I like them big, ridiculous, often blue or green and a good fit to double as a headband. Is that too much to ask?
Well, as you may know, my favorite pair were retired in NH in July and I've been looking for a replacement ever since. The Tall Guy and I were in Annapolis yesterday for a variety of reasons and walked into the Helly Hansen store. (Sailors never walk past Helly Hansen without a peek in, I've learned). So, while there, I look at the sun glass case and find the exact same pair of Spy's that I had lost overboard last summer after only having for about 2 weeks. For most of you, this may not seem like a big deal, but I pretty much did a jump-spin-dance in the middle of the store which only continued when I was told it was the last pair left, so they were 20% off. swwwweeeet!
So, here they are:

Let's see how long they last..I'm cautiously optimistic.
In sock related news, I managed to finish the first of the Spring Forward socks on Thursday night, owing a great deal to about two hours of hanging out with Jessie at Teaism. While eating dinner there, a koi decided to jump in it's little pond and drenched Jessie! It was by far one of the odder things I've seen happen (I've never seen a koi in a pond jump out of the water, but that's just me.
I've paused on the Spring Forwards to start another pair of socks. I'm going to hold on pics until I have a good shot for you, but I'll just say, they're going to be bright!

Is anyone interested in a really cheap dog? Like I'll pay you to take her? Just kidding, mostly, but the Little Monster has been even more nuts than normal this week. While I was with Jessie on Thursday night, Annie managed to catch a mouse in the backyard. The mouse appeared to make it, after the Tall Guy made Annie let the poor thing go. If that wasn't bad enough, yesterday, we saw a R-A-T in our yard. Needless to say, I am not happy. Annie, on the other hand, thinks she's super-dog, so she's taken it upon her herself to do a regular tour of the yard inspecting for creatures. I'm happy to have her doing this, but its definitely causing her to be more amped then normal. Something I didn't think was quite possible. Sigh.


  1. Great, amped up and gets to spend the weekend with me?! Not to mention she hogs the bed. Geez, it's a good thing I like you guys...

  2. rodents gross. my biggest complaint about adams morgan!