Monday, May 11, 2009

The weather was just about perfect this weekend so, we went to the National Arboretum on Saturday (after a stop at a reallllly good roast beef sammie joint here. Go there. Seriously).In the midst of our walk, we came upon a baby snake who didn't appear to have a good exit strategy from the concrete path. I was the brave one who was willing to pick up the little guy. He was inside my hands, but is near impossible to see.
And, finished baby knitting!

For as much as I'm not ready for my own, I sure do love knitting baby goods for others... This is one of my favorite quick knits. Using less then 50 yd of fingering weight, and only takes about two hours of solid knitting with a good "gift reaction" always of "Ohhh! So cute and tiny!"

And for today's domestic excitement? The Tall Guy is riding his bike to work a few days a week (about 8 miles each way). He came home to tell me this evening that while he was very much alive, a squirrel was likely not. Luckily, he was okay (it was a high traffic area) and there was no evidence of the departed IN the bike, so I may stick to the idea that perhaps there's just a little squirrel with a bit of a limp out there.

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