Friday, May 8, 2009

Finally, cooperation!

The weather is finally working with me today. I haven't been able to photo much lately due to a lack of decent light.
This is my first "real" lace project. I managed to finish it in time for Maryland Sheep and Wool and was sort of amazed at the compliments it received.Details: Ishbel was knit from a bit less then a skein of Neighborhood Fiber Co. "Watershed" base in the Logan Circle colorway. Knit on size six needles, it wasn't a difficult knit, but I'm not always the best at counting stitches while watching TV (with a glass of wine in my hand), so I know there are errors. A note on the yarn, my skein (as well as one that Jessie has too) has a good bit of blue in it, but the newer skeins we saw at Sheep and Wool didn't seem to have this.
What I think it pretty cool about the fiber-arts community, is that I managed to meet the designer, Ysolda at Sheep and Wool (I totally have a girl-crush on her) and have met Karida (who is Neighborhood Fiber Co) a number of times now. Personally, having a hobby that is not only productive and fun, but also means being able to support local and/or independent artists is a pretty cool thing.
While I'm expounding the virtues of local artists.. I picked this skein up at the Homespun Yarn Party back in March... Woolarina is a friend of mine and her colors are always vibrant and this base...which has a good bit of cashmere in it, is awesome.
And one final note for today... here's the hat I mentioned a couple of days ago.. I love this pattern, because not only does it make a super cute hat, but it's reallllllly fast. This was about an hour of knitting while watching Lost and it's time to start the decreases. Off to play outside! Hopefully the whole weekend is as nice as today!

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