Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You put pine nuts where?

One of my favorite spots for a decent, reasonably priced bite to eat is Mark's Kitchen in Takoma Park. It has a bit of everything and they know how to cook tofu (always a bonus).
This winter, when we've been leaving, I have picked up a ginger tea to go. It is SO good.
Tonight, in a bout of "Oh no, we have nothing to make for dinner and I can't possible go to the store before eating", the Tall Guy and I stopped at Mark's on the way home. Mixing things up, I ordered my tea to stay, instead of "to go" like normal.
And look at that.There are PINE NUTS floating in my tea. Amongst those close to me, I've been known to go weeks on end including pine nuts in nearly all my meals (pasta, salad, chicken, asparagus etc. etc. etc). I'm pretty sure, however... that floating in my tea is not where I want pine nuts.


  1. I wonder if the pine nuts were there on purpose or if they just fell into your cup? ~ MK

  2. So...were you adventurous and give them a try or did you pluck them out??? ~ Needlebeedle