Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday morning wrap up

Just a few things...
  1. First, does anyone really care about Michael Phelps misbehavior? Yawwwn.
  2. Springsteen's slide into the cameraman last night was probably the best part of the halftime show...
  3. I started knitting a new sweater this weekend, but have no photos of it yet. This is the pattern. It's super easy and going really fast... I'm already into the body. Yay!
  4. Another exciting part of said sweater is that I'm knitting with an Alpaca Blend and last year around this time, I had a fear I may be allergic to Alpaca (that would be very sad) as every time I knit with it, I would get a headache that was like a little lightening storm in my brain. I felt a twinge on Friday, but knitting the entire weekend after that, I was a-okay. Whew!

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