Saturday, April 26, 2008

Warren, we're over.

So, you may have guessed that I have a thing about cupcakes. Incidentally, there are freshly made coconut cupcakes in the fridge if you want to come over for one.
Anyway... some of my peeps remember my most recent infatuation with cupcakes started about 5 or so years ago when we wandered down (the now much more hip) U st. in DC. We happened upon a little known bakery at the time and I feel madly in crush with Warren Brown and his cupcakes. For those of you not in DC, you may know him now as the man on Sugar Rush. So, for the last five years, a treat would be a cupcake from Warren's ever expanding empire.
I found, slowly that I wasn't liking them quite as much each time I had one (and yes, CakeLove people, I do eat them at room temperature). I started finding the frosting just a bit "off", the cake too dense, or sometimes tasting a bit stale.. It seemed every time there was something not-quite-right about my cupcake. In February during a particularly stressful week, I came to the conclusion, as I was unable to finish one of Cake Love's cupcakes and the Tall Guy spit it out, that my love affair with Warren was dwindling. Yet, like any long lasting love, its hard to let go. Well. I think today the love I had for Cake Love was officially over. I was at Tyson's Corner,(a swanky suburban mall that has a Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, etc) and there was a coming soon sign. Warren. Not only do your cupcakes kind of suck lately but, you are opening up in the place that I would consider to be the complete sell out and arch nemesis to your humble beginnings on U St.
Bye CakeLove, It was nice knowing you.


  1. Oh, cupcakes. Cupcakes. Right. Yes. Good.

    Damn, Cake Love. I barely knew ye.

  2. yeah, cakelove has been getting blah-er... we had a few a couple weeks ago as wedding favors, and just didn't love them! too bad!

  3. Have you tried any of the cupcakes from Glenna's blog ( Her Cosmopolitan cupcakes are to die for (I made some for my birthday and they were a hit...I think they're on her 9/2/07 post).

  4. Your cupcakes are way better!