Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Tall Guy!

The Tall Guy turns a whopping 27 today. He seems to think this is "Old", but as I was reminding him this morning, I'll always be two years older then him. Good thing I was blessed with this baby face!
I suppose I should knit him a new pair of socks, or start thinking about a sweater (don't worry, I said think, not knit. I won't start knitting until after August).
The thing is, now that he knows what he likes, what yarn he likes and knows what I can do, he wants "thin" socks OR even better, the sweater he wants? Well, the boy likes cables. Lots of them. He wants a traditional, scratchy wool, Aran sweater. Sigh. One day. He'll get one and hopefully it will be before our 10th Anniversary. In the meantime, Happy Birthday hon!


  1. I really do truly love that that page is titled "Aran Knitting for Beginners". Because what kind of beginners could do that? I wonder what it looks like when it isn't for beginners.

  2. tall guy is younger than you?! whoa! i had no idea!

    also, i do not like it when i complain about getting old, my friends that are older than me always say, ha! just wait til you're X age!"
    i find this unfair cos these friends will ALWAYS be older than me and will, therefore, never understand my plight.