Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday and Sock Club!

Why do Monday's stink so much? The Tall Guy told me this morning that I was acting like a lunatic, as if everyone was in my bubble and it was true. I think even I was in my own way. The day went okay for the most part, except for the whole construction outside my office continuing. At one point my the ceiling of my office was shaking so much that dust and who-knows-what was falling like snow on my head. It can only get better tomorrow, since tomorrow is Tuesday and not Monday, right?

Spoiler Alert! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Over the weekend I got my first shipment for Scout's Swag sock club. (Basically, for those confused by Sock Clubs, you pay once, ahead of time, get a certain number of shipments, usually at a slight discount then if you paid one by one AND its typically yarn that the indie dyer will only dye for the club, thus making it a rarity.) Its super cute, not something I would have bought myself, but I love it all the same. Here it is!
And another pic. .. I have no idea what pattern I'll make with this. Maybe I'll just look at it for awhile...and, well. I keep getting yarn, so I decided to get some wip's done with so I don't have this weird guilt about unfinished socks lurking places as I cast on new and exciting socks. If you don't knit socks you may not understand... So, I'm back to the Carolina socks using StormMoonKnits sock yarn in Pretty in Pink. I'll add the links when I finish, but I'm about a third of the way into the second sock, so things are looking up.

I have a reasonable amount of knitting time coming up this week, with a baseball game with co workers on Wednesday. Its my first time to DC's new baseball stadium, so I'll give a full report after. Apparently, the food is supposed to be realllllly good. We'll see.

And before I forget... I'll be at Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend! Looks like I'm going both days this year, which should be an adventure. I can't find my Ravelry button anywhere, but if you see me and I look vaguely familiar, say "hi", if its not me, you may make a new friend anyway!
Edit: for those who notice, I have no clue why the font is different sizes and can't seem to resize it. My apologies to those as anal as me.

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