Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just curious

...can anyone tell me where June went? Really, I have no idea.
So far the summer is zipping along at a pace I'm not really fond of. Fast days in February? Sure, but now? When the weather has been okay for porch sitting? This makes me a bit salty.

Anyway, this loss of June is mostly what has caused a total lack of blogging. It has nothing to do with long busy work days , only made longer by commutes from hell (yeah, we live about a mile and a half mile from the Metro crash, so it's been a rough week +), a new toy, summer field trips, a terrible stomach bug and the usual assortment of trying to see friends. Nope. It all has to do with June disappearing.
In the meantime, here is some knitting to distract you.
This is the beginning of another Ishbel. This one is for my Sister-in-law. We're having a little craft swap; she's sewing for me, I'm knitting for her. It's Claudia's Handpainted fingering weight.
A few other yarn acquisitions have happened (Malabrigo keeps getting me while I'm down!) but, I haven't photoed any of it yet. Soon. I promise.

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