Saturday, July 11, 2009

If not knitting...then food!

I don't have much to show you in terms of knitting this morning. Everything is in limbo, or is lace, which always looks like a pile of yarn vomit until off the needles and blocked. So, instead, here's a picture of my breakfast.
As I mentioned the other day, I'm just trying to be an all round better food eater. This morning I made a smoothie with a banana, some frozen pineapple, a handful of frozen peaches I cut up last night before they started to go bad, about a half cup of greek yogurt (so good) and some orange juice. So easy, so yummy and a good amount of protein thanks to the yogurt (one serving has 23g of protein!). I love a bowl of Lucky Charms as much as anyone, but wow, this is just as easy as pouring a bowl of cereal.

I promise to not sabotage my blog in the name of food, but I'm currently reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and even if you don't decide to move to the country and eat only locally sourced food for a year, it's definitely worth a read! I'm learning a lot and the conversational tone of the book is allowing for me to still be able to read it at the end of a long day. I'm sure it helps that the author, Barbara Kingsolver is someone who's fiction I've enjoyed for some time.

And, last but not least on my food rant today... if you're ever in the Columbia, MD area, check out Great Sage. I read about this Vegetarian Restaurant on Lolly's blog ages ago and in the past month or so have made it there twice. It's tasty, organic and even the less adventurous will find something yummy to eat. I've tried a variety of things there and all of it has been very good!

Happy Saturday! I'm off on a walk; the weather in DC has been unseasonably amazing right now. Breezy, 70's and a total lack of humidity. Hopefully this will stay into August!

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  1. Mmmmm! Smoothies sound great right now... especially with the blackberries I picked yesterday! yum!

    Michael Pollen has a few great books on local eating as well.