Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do I really like living here?

Excuse the quick rant, but I just felt the need to share my (literal) pain from last evening.
I was heading over to meet Jessie at Teaism and stepped off the train at Gallery Place....
Now, I've been living in a city, taking public transportation for about 12 years now. I walk on the right side of sidewalks, stand on the right on escalators and generally try to stay out of the way (all 5'3' of me).
As I walked away from the train, towards the exits a man came running towards the train like he was about to miss the last chopper out of Saigon. I moved further out of the way and yet somehow, this man who was at least the size of the Tall Guy, was coming straight at me. I had no time to react as he bulldozed into me, shoulder checking me like a linebacker and continued on his way to dive onto the train.
My shoulder was throbbing for about an hour, and I still regret not having the wherewithall to yell an obsenity at this guy. I hope for his sake, there was an emergency he was trying to get to as otherwise, he was a real jerk for trying to make that train as opposed to the one right behind it a minute or so later (it was rush hour).

I feel like I should also note that this person was no "punk teen ager" up to no good, but was a well dressed, possibly in a suit middle-aged person. This is simply for the defense of the teens who get blamed for most things and instead were the ones asking me if I was okay last night.

All right.. I'm done. I just needed to express my brief displeasure in people's general lack of manners and courtesy.


  1. You should wear a coat of nails under your clothes so that the next time that happens, the person who hits you is left all bloody and stuff.

  2. I've been shoulder checked too, and it sucks.

    Buuuut, I am self-confessed train runner. But I'm nimble, have never checked anybody, and I only do it if there's more than a 5 minute wait for the next train.

  3. Why, yes, yes, you do. Thanks for asking.