Tuesday, November 4, 2008

with bated breath...

We are glued to the TV and will be late into the night (edit..just I am glued to the TV. My company just went home and the Tall Guy is in bed with a cold). I am cautiously optimistic and too afraid to go to bed.
The Tall Guy and I were in and out of our polling location in about ten minutes. I'm a big fan of voting in the late afternoon/evening, seems in Silver Spring, the lines are shorter in the evening. I had friends in line for an hour, two hours, three hours...craziness.

That said, I'm not showing you much in the knitting world. It's not because I'm not knitting. Quite the contrary, I'm knitting a whole bunch right now, it's just all presents for people who read about my goings on here.

In the meantime, check out this new yarn. Isn't it pretty? It's from here, I got it at the DC Craft Mafia Fair on Saturday.

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