Wednesday, November 12, 2008

and we're done!

The Tall Guy and I were in Tampa this past weekend for a wedding. Our last for the season! With a record 5 this year (one being ours, that counts at least double, I think), we had lots of fun, danced our butts off, had a few drinks and spent quality time with all sorts of loved ones along the way. This is the lovely bride and I on the dance floor. Only she can make me look tan. Her dress was amazing, I wish I had a better shot of it...

In my mind, this being mid-November, my knitting deadlines start looming and I see it as the beginning of the Holiday season. As it gets cooler I curl up on the couch to knit and watch bad TV (um Hello... Gossip Girl on Netflix...dangerous!)
I'll show knitting as I can, but too many of you read that will be getting things!!!

The Tall Guys Parent's will be in town this weekend for a last minute trip in. It will be nice to spend time with them without any really agenda except to see some sights, spend time together and eat good food!


  1. That's okay Pia. I don't mind seeing my gifts before I officially get them ;) ha, just kidding.

  2. Christmas knitting really does make for lousy blogging, doesn't it?