Tuesday, December 16, 2008

passing through

I'm just passing through this evening, to say Hello!!, show you something funny I saw and then say "I'll be back, I Promise".

Last night, when meeting up with Joanna, I saw this.
Yup. Urban Outfitters is selling "You can Knit Socks" kits. I didn't find the $20 worth spending, since it was cheap looking yarn, steel double pointed needles and well. I know how to knit socks, but just the fact that Urban is selling these kits gave me a giggle. Apparently, being a sock knitter is hip and cool! Yay Me!

The Tall Guy and I had Christmas on Sunday, as it was the only time we would have to have some quiet time together for a while... I was lucky enough to get some sweet, knitting related gifts which I'll have to show soon... We head out of town soon for a bit and then more family will be here... needless to say between family and work (year end, total chaos), blogging may be sparse for a bit. I'll be back... I promise!


  1. ohmy. I never said this but I have been waiting for the day when I get mentioned on your blog! I am so happy, I am on my way to becoming an internet celebrity! haha. Anyway I had fun, talk to you soon!

  2. How interesting! So do they teach you how to knit AND how to knit socks? I wonder what kind of pattern they use. I probably would have had to buy a kit....just to know. lol

  3. Wow. That's serious! Perhaps next up is a Banana Republic cardigan kit. :)