Thursday, December 4, 2008

Darn you Blue Moon.

Are you sick of my "shopping" posts yet? I'm trying to distract you from the lack of pretty knitting pictures.
That said, I'm shaking my first at Blue Moon Fiber Arts right now. Home of Socks that Rock, they are having a huge sale on Saturday. Really, guys? Less then three weeks before Christmas, you are tempting me with 15% off of everything? That's just mean. And you know I can't pass it up.

Edit: In case you've never seen it before, the picture in my header is of STR Silkie in Rocktober.


  1. Ha. I couldn't get my 10% off last week so I'm going back this weekend to get 15% off. This is not good for the vacation budget...

  2. I blame you for telling me this information (which somehow I had not heard)! Thanks?

  3. I was just wondering which yarn that was pictured in your banner, so thanks!