Sunday, September 2, 2012

Settling in

Since we last spoke, we drove from Michigan to Chicago where we had a great family visit with the Tall Guy's aunts, uncles and cousins (and all the photos are on his phone!). From there, we made it to Omaha for the night and then made the sprint to Denver in time for dinner last Monday night.
In the last week, we have looked at A LOT of houses. Figuring out where you want to live when you're new to the area is always a challenge and we're slowly finding our way around and narrowing our search scope.
Lest you think we aren't having any fun, we have made the time to go on a family hike and today Silas had his first swim. He thought he was pretty hot stuff in his loaner swim trunks (Thanks Ava Bean!) and T shirt from Auntie Amy!

 We've only been here a week but, I think we've come to the conclusion that while we miss our friends in D.C. dearly, we are quickly falling in love with Colorado.

Please send good house-hunting ju-ju!


  1. Looking great! Lots of luck your way with house hunting!

  2. Oh my god. I want to eat Silas up!

  3. Welcome to denver! If you need any help or info on neighborhoods feel free to email me, or if you'd like a friendly place for dinner or a knit night. Not sure how to get you my email without posting. It, but you can definitely get it from Emily.