Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Striking a balance (where I overuse the word time)

I've been thinking a lot about balance lately. Work, baby, "me time", friend time, time with my Tall Guy, making sure said Tall Guy gets "his time" now that he's home with Silas for the summer, time to possibly exercise, being an active team member in keeping the house going... The list goes on!The one thing I think is clear is there just isn't enough time! My question is- how do you make it all work?
I'd like to get back to some exercise but, I'm having a hard time fitting it in. I'm at work full time now, which ends up being close to 10 hours away from home a day. This makes it really hard for me to justify taking a yoga class after work or spending that much more time away from my family in one day. Do I get up early? Forgo exercise for awhile? I'd love to know how other people and moms make it work once there are a lot more competing priorities in your life. I suspect the answer may be "sleep less", but it would be nice to know I'm not alone in trying to do it all!


  1. Well, I can say we have a plan. As for execution - well, that's TBD, obviously! There aren't enough hours in the day - even now, pre-baby! Some things will have to give, for sure. Work is...work. We have to do what we have to do. Our plan for the rest of it is split and balance. In the beginning, I've pretty much got a free pass from Jason to workout most nights, but my plan is to keep it close to (or at home). After that, we each get a night or two a week for our hobbies - either at home or out of the home - while the other watches the Bean. Date nights will probably take the hit, initially - either after Bean is in bed, or taking our friends up on babysitting exchanges so we all can keep sane.
    We're lucky that our idea of "date" usually involves cooking something, having a few drinks, watching a movie, grocery shopping...just generally hanging close to home. I don't expect that will change. I think a lot of our "dates" will continue to be home improvement projects!
    That's about as far as we've gotten - have to wait and see how tractable it all is!

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  3. The most important time is taking-care-of-Pia time, which includes sleep time. Without it, all of the other things you need to spend time on are nearly impossible. Let's add...and you are more likely to spend your time being sick. I say don't give up the sleep time. You can still exercise, but maybe not yoga. Brisk walks with stroller and Tall Guy or a friend in tow. One of my friends and I used to rollerblade - she pushed a stroller while doing it. Brittani was probably around 8 at the time and she'd rollerblade too. My friend also used to jog while pushing a stroller. They make strollers specifically for jogging while pushing (at least they used to 20 years ago). If it really needs to be yoga, can't you devote time and space at home to do it? I have a set of weights that I still use at home. Don't worry - you'll figure it all out. You don't need to figure it ALL out RIGHT NOW. Take one thing at a time, like figuring out the exercise part. If your idea doesn't work, try something else or move onto a different thing for now. One thing you don't want to add is stressing-out-over-trying-to-fit-it-all-in time. Baby steps are the key. Hugs!