Thursday, April 28, 2011

MDSW Meet up?!?!

Hello all!
We've been tossing a Maryland Sheep and Wool Meet Up around on Twitter for the last week or so and I'm finally just going to put it out there and say "Let's meet!"
Day: Saturday
Time: 1pm
Place: The grassy area outside of the Main Exhibition Hall (to the right of the stage/left of the restrooms-ish)
Link to a handy map.
In case you haven't met me (or Jessie) yet, here's a picture I snagged from Lolly's Flickr stream. Thanks Lolly!
We're both short, so you may have to look around a little to find us :-)

Jessie + Pia
l. Jessie, r. Me
At this point (over a week away) I don't have a rain plan. It probably will just involve an umbrella..we'll see and I'll update if that's the case!
Any questions?


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!! see you there!!!!!

  2. yay! i'll be there too ... although no one except you two and lolly will know what i look like bwa hahahahahaha

  3. Can't wait to see you all :) and I love this photo!

  4. I would love to know the pattern of your scarves. I love this picture; makes me think of Christmas and the desire to start knitting now - before it gets too cold.

  5. The pattern for the shawl both Jessie and I are wearing is Ysolda Teague's Damson- pattern available here: