Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Helping a friend of a friend

Recently, my friend Ann told me about her bestest friend's sister and the struggle she was going through.
To put it succinctly Emily is:
  1. In a fight against liver cancer and when that fight is won, she'll need a liver transplant
  2. Has health insurance which does not cover prescription medication, thus running her approximately $1,000 a month
  3. Is a public school teacher (i.e. she's not raking in loads of cash, people)
  4. And, and the state she lives in doesn't recognize same-sex marriage, so she can't be on her spouse's health insurance which is better than her own because...her spouse is also a woman.
In the 10 minutes it took Ann to tell me the story, I was in tears myself and wanted to do whatever I could to help with Emily's mounting health care bills. The fight against cancer is close to my heart and the government's (unfair) right to decide the gender of a person one must fall in love with in order to be considered a legitimate relationship is a close second. I lost my mom to breast cancer 15 years ago and a saving grace over those tough years was that my parents had great health insurance covered by my dad's job, not my Mom's (who was generally self employed).

Being the awesome person that she is, Ann decided to hold a raffle. Ann is much more eloquent in the story then I am and all the details can be found here. Not only is this a good cause, but whoo boy if you are even casually interested in all things fiber related (or if you aren't, but you know/love a person that is...) it's more than enough incentive to donate.

Rockstar knitter Elspeth will knit a custom sweater for a winner, there's tons of awesome yarn prizes including some impossible to get your hands on skeins, sweet project bags, and more.

I know there is A LOT going on in the world right now so this isn't meant to be pressure to not donate elsewhere, but I think it's nice to know that anything you give will be going straight to a person who I think really needs some help right now.

So, please go read Ann's post and think about even a small donation.

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