Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saturday adventure

Last Saturday, the Tall Guy and I took a road trip to Richmond. I'd never been there, except when passing through on the way south and was pleasantly surprised with the city we found!

The reason for our trip was to go to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art for a special exhibit of Tiffany Glass. We realized at the last minute that it was leaving on Sunday, so we made quick plans and headed down.

The museum itself was quite nice and I'm pretty much in love with most pieces that came out of the Tiffany collection (I'm a glass medium fan in general).

Here's one of my favorites:

(Photo credit noted: from the VMFA website, saved to my server)

And some other great examples are here. I love it all...

After we finished at the museum, we wandered down the street and found ourselves in Carytown. We had a nice lunch at an Italian Deli, did some window shopping, found a yarn shop(while shopping around a bit, I didn't actually buy anything!)

And the Tall Guy bought me a new necklace! Pretty cute, huh?

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