Monday, February 8, 2010

And it continues

Feds are home today as the area continues to dig out. I'm not sure I've ever seen a storm dump so much all at once. I've been knitting in fits and starts this weekend, but we've been
surprisingly social in our neighborhood with board games, an outdoor party (photos below) and a relaxing Superbowl get-together (good job, Saints)

If you haven't seen it already on Twitter, or Facebook or I've emailed it to you, here are a few pictures from *Snow*bar.
The Tall Guy built a snow fort during the last storm in December and in discussion with the neighborhood guys, the snow bar was conceived and built over the course of the day Saturday. It opened Saturday evening and people flocked to see what the crazy kids down the street were doing outside in the cold. At one point, management showed up to shut us down, and before you know it, they had beers in their hands and were checking out the creation. I love our neighbors!
And here's one last shot at some point in the night that you can see the group and the size of the structure... so much fun!
We will now begin to brace for yet another storm that's due to hit us sometime tomorrow into Wednesday. The Tall Guy is expected to fly out for work tomorrow night and we're hoping he can make it the same time, we have friends scheduled to fly back in to DC tonight (their car is parked here at our house) and my hopes are not high for them making it. This snow, it's getting a little ridiculous, folks.

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  1. That is super awesome! My sprung condo community doesn't do that, although we have had a few very nice snowpeople sculptures.