Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tonight, the Tall Guy and I met friends for happy hour and afterward we stopped into TangySweet. Even the Tall Guy, not normally a yogurt fan in general thought it was tasty. I had the original flavor with Raspberries and chocolate chips...yum!
Seems like its probably a bit of a copy-cat of the ever popular Pinkberry. Even the websites are eerily similar.


  1. There's a new store opening in Georgetown, too, with a remarkably similar logo and look to pinkberry. It's at M & 29 or 30 -- where there used to be a record store. (I can't wait, although, it makes me sort of sad to not work in gtown 6 days a week now that there will be frozen yogurt!)

  2. There is a place like this on 17th street too! Different name though.

  3. You're so talented! I love your knitting projects!